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6,000 Strong Facebook Group Corona Resign CORE Shuts Down?

One of the largest, if not THE largest, anti-Corona Facebook Group is shutting down -- albeit, temporarily, or so claims the self-proclaimed founder of the group, Jim "Chickboy" Sarthou.

This happens after dyed in the wool Pnoy supporters protested Jim's inability to see through his open fly and keep the group from being infiltrated by "scumbags".

Yes, that's Trixie Cruz Angeles -- the very same Trixie whom her former law firm partner Argee Guevarra is accusing of swindling.

January 15, 2012
Ref: Argee Guevarra
Ref: 09175348830/09189028077


In a sidebar to the commencement of the impeachment of Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona, Atty. Argee Guevarra today reacted to news reports that Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles, Guevarra’s former law partner, will be heading the IBP Impeachment Watch Group. 
Guevarra revealed that he has personal knowledge and is in possession of documents that will expose Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles as a swindler and is ready to present them upon request by any interested party. 
Guevarra claims that he himself was a victim of Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles’ swindling activities particularly how he was conned into acting as a guarantor for the lady lawyer’s liposuction sometime in 2009. Guevarra also claims those victimized by Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles include Belo botched butt job victim and client Josefina Norcio and international painter Zhou Jun who fell prey to the lady lawyer’s fictitious rendering of alleged (P.R.) public relations services. 

Some Yellow members who are just as conservative and prudish like their Saint Cory, apparently didn't like the fact that Jim was cozying up to Trixie -- who is also the Integrated Bar of the Philippines Spokesperson for its Impeachment Watch.


Trixie is not exactly aligned with Corona Resign CORE's stand on Corona.

Case in point is that Trixie believes that CORE's current hero, Atty. Vitaliano Aguirre committed a grave error in trading barbs with Senator Judge Miriam Defensor Santiago.  In her own words, she says in an article published on ABS-CBN's news websites:
“For a lawyer to further his cause, it does little good him to disrespect a judge in his own courtroom. It endangers his client and his client's cause,” she said.
Trixie says Aguirre's "woe is me" appeal for respect from Senator Judge Santiago may have unnecessarily imperiled a case that is already in danger of being thrown out of the Impeachment Court.

What Jim hasn't told other members of the Corona Resign CORE Group is that Trixie was being tapped to defend Chief Justice Corona!

Here's an article from Rappler on Trixie being offered a job to defend Corona:

MANILA, Philippines - The lawyer of Oakwood mutineer, former Marine Captain Nicanor "Nick" Faeldon has been asked to join the legal team of Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona.  
Lawyer Rose Beatrix Cruz-Angeles confirmed to that she was offered a post on the team that will defend Corona in his impeachment trial. Angeles said she has yet to decide if she would accept the invitation or not. 
The female lawyer is scheduled to meet Corona later this week, the outcome of their meeting, according to her, will be a significant factor in her decision. 
If she decides to accept the position, Angeles says she will be tasked to handle one of the articles of impeachment. The lawyer, who has her own law firm, is a graduate of the University of the Philippines, Diliman. 
On January 9th, Angeles tweeted "You may have to miss me again, if I participate in the trial of the century," hinting her participation in the Corona trial.

Insider's in the Corona Defense panel however debunk Trixie's claim that she was offered any position in Corona's team. Some said that her closeness to Oakwood Mutineers, now allied with President Aquino, may compromise her professionalism as a lawyer.

Nevertheless, Trixie's stand on the Miriam Vs. Aguirre issue echoes the IBP's own stand on the Corona Impeachment Trial.

Here's Malaya Columnist Amado Macasaet tracing Corona's links with the IBP.

The clashing statements issued by the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) under its President, former Congressman Roan Libarios, and the one issued by several past IBP Presidents manifest a wide chasm. 
The Libarios statement and all his media pronouncements so far offer an unabashed defense of Corona. The past presidents of the IBP, on the other hand, collectively support the impeachment process arguing that there should be no sacred cows in public service, not even Corona.
Lawyers in the know say that Corona wields substantial influence on the IBP, not only because of this institutional arrangement, but because Libarios was virtually installed by Corona to become IBP President. Corona rendered a controversial decision shortly after he was installed as the midnight chief justice that paved the way for Libarios to become IBP President. If what they say is true, Corona deserves a PhD summa cum laude for excellent foresight. Libarios, on the other hand, deserves a pat on the head for his gratitude as a dependable acolyte. 
Is should be no wonder why the IBP has consistently debunked the Impeachment Trial of Chief Justice Corona.

A news article from the Inquirer on the IBP statement saying that the Impeachment complaint was flawed betrays its bias for Corona.

The impeachment complaint against Chief Justice Renato Corona “suffers from fatal constitutional infirmities” and defects in form and substance, according to the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP). 
The “breakneck” speed by which the impeachment complaint against Corona was approved violated the “constitutional guarantee of separation of powers and judicial independence,” the IBP board of governors told a press briefing Wednesday. 
The IBP said the complaint was “discriminatory” against Corona and an act of “persecution,” as it was allowed to push through even as it threatens to disrupt constitutional balance.

Perhaps a good number of CORE members questioned Jim's association with Trixie and this tended to taint some of Jim's "Fund Raising Activities".

Some members actually questioned the necessity of raising funds for the well paid private prosecutor Vitaliano Aguirre.  This is the same Aguirre who was the lead counsel in the Vizconde Massacre Case and interrogated the Magdalo mutineers, some of whom were clients of Trixie's.

Instead of backing down and admitting he may have had committed a mistake in associating himself, as well as the Corona Resign CORE Facebook Group with Trixie, Jim displays arrogance and comes out swinging against members of the group who brought up the issue with him.

He actually puts down the sentiments of some members of the group and defends Trixie!

This was followed by dozens of people leaving the group which its administrators frantically tried to hide by adding as many people as they can find to the group.

We feel sorry for Jim because it appears he may be losing his meal ticket because he listened too much to his little pecker.

Jim Sarthou after the Impechment Trial.

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