Monday, January 9, 2012

Because You Can Walk Out of Prison -- As Long As You Have Lot of Money

Image from Philippine Daily Inquirer

Former Batangas Gov. Jose Antonio Leviste has admitted at a government inquiry on Monday that his departure from the New Bilibid Prison last week was unauthorized. 

Speaking before a Justice Department fact-finding panel, Leviste said he felt he was entitled to leave the national penitentiary because his tree-planting project in Bilibid made him a "member" of the Bureau of Corrections family. 

"I had the illusion I was already part of the BuCor family. It slipped my mind [I had to ask for permission] and said I'll sneak out and come back right away," Leviste said, adding that he tried to ask permission from BuCor authorities but there was no official to authorize his departure. 

Government agents arrested Leviste outside his office at the LPL Building in Makati City last Wednesday, May 18. Leviste explained that at the time, he was suffering from a tooth ache and had to undero treatment in Makati City. 

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