Tuesday, April 24, 2012

John Lloyd says Ayos Dito PH is DA BOMB!

The runaway success of this blog has apparently reached the eyes of the gods of advertising and we have been tapped to promote this "buy and sell" website called "Ayos Dito PH".

It's the Philippine equivalent of E-bay, but better because it's run by Filipinos for Filipinos. How cool is that?

Now, if you've ever been told that you Facebook too much instead of earning money, well, here's the thing... You can use Ayos Dito PH with your Facebook account and actually earn money.

Aside from having an account over at Facebook, there is a new online passion sweeping the Pinoy online community---buying and selling. More and more Filipinos are using the Internet as a platform for selling and buying big-ticket items throughout the country.

Buying and selling is as old as bartering. Many Filipinos have earned extra income offering their pre-loved items to other Filipinos who need it. Before, buying and selling is a problematic activity. For one to succeed in buy and sell, you need to post an ad in a newspaper.

Now, there’s a cheaper, hassle-free and fast way of offering pre-loved items to those who need it—visit and post free ads on online websites such as www.AyosDito.ph.

AyosDito.ph, is  the preferred online marketplace and  was  awarded the No.1 Classified Ads site for 2011 by  Digital Filipino Search  profile index. AyosDito.ph   is a joint-venture of Singapore Press Holdings Limited (SPH) and Schibsted ASA.  Both SPH and Schibsted have buy and sell websites  in more than 30 countries: Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia,  Australia, Sweden, Brazil, Austria, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Finland, France, Greece,  Italy, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland,  Venezuela and Vietnam, to name a few.

Focused on having the best online user experience

AyosDito.ph is a site designed for easy use by first timers and veteran online users alike. Visit the site http://www.AyosDito.ph and you’ll find a map of the Philippines, and a list of regions. There is a search tab in the site which you can use to search for items you want to sell.

Despite the plain  no-frills look  of the site, AyosDito.ph  is fast, easily accessible by mobile or computer  and no matter how slow the connection of your ISP, the pages and photos load really fast.

Having a Facebook account is useful in building a user profile at AyosDito.ph. Click the AyosDito.ph Facebook ap and you’ll be re-directed to the website URL. Follow instructions and in no time at all, you’ll become a member of the country’s no. 1 online classified ads site.
Jon Santico,  General Manager  of   AyosDito.ph explains  that posting an Ad on AyosDito.ph  is as easy as 1-2-3.

1.         Click the post a free ad button
2.         Fill in details and attach photos of the item you are selling
3.         Wait for the confirmation email that your ad has been posted

Jon says: “ At Ayos Dito.ph, items are categorized by region so that it is easier to find great deals near you. Rather than having to pay extra for shipping or worry about not receiving the correct item or having to wait for weeks for items to arrive from abroad, we encourage people to meet up at mutually convenient places for both buyers and sellers to ensure you get the best possible deal.”

Why take the time to review ads?

Jon says: “ At AyosDito.ph we have a team of reviewers who go through the ads if information is missing such as contact details or if the photos are not suitable for online viewing. They also are on  the look-out for tell-tale signs that the sellers fraudulent.  We have a team that goes through ads and sends it back to you in case your  ad needs to be edited.”
We also like to keep the ads fresh and updated. We delete ads after 60 days so that you don’t get dead  or outdated links. We would really want it be as hassle- free for buyers and sellers as possible.

Is online buying and selling just for those with credit cards i.e the rich?
Santico says,

“Buying and Selling online is for all Filipinos. With internet penetration at about 30%  of total Filipinos,  we tend to think that  online buying and selling has to be limited to big ticket items.  Everyone has something to sell, and everyone has something they need to buy. Just look into your closet and bodegas and you will find something that you  no longer need and others may find useful.   Mostly online buy and sell sites  have  cars, computers, gadgets and real estate   content.   But what people don’t realize is that there is an opportunity for anybody to sell things they find at home that others may still find useful, outgrown items like baby items such as cribs and strollers, furniture that no longer fit  at home, or even clothes and shoes  that  relatives have sent from abroad but never fit you can be easily sold online.”
AyosDito.ph recently launched its informational campaign through its television commercial featuring multi-awarded actor John Lloyd Cruz. Santico says that with John Lloyd Cruz’s popularity, it will spark more interest for Filipinos to indulge in this new online experience, that is hassle-free and allows you to build relationships with other Filipinos.

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