Monday, April 22, 2013

New Manila Tourist Attraction

Manila is one of the country's oldest cities and by old, we aren't referring to it's 500 year history.  By old, we mean OLD... as in worn out, debilitated, seedy, grimy, filthy... OLD.

Sure, there's much that can be done in terms of restoration and preservation.  Oh sure, we can listen to people like Paulo Alcazaren or Gerry Acuzar who are somewhat known for advocating the restoration and preservation of old buildings and houses.  But how much of that can you really take?

I mean, I love visiting places with some historical significance or other once in a while.  

But heck, I'm really more into eating at new restaurants, bars, theaters (I don't mean movie theaters but grand stages for the performing arts), dance halls, and such.

I crave newness and vibrancy more than getting acquainted with the musty, moldy facets of places like Ongpin, Quiapo, Malate, Escolta, Ermita, or Intramuros.

If you can stifle the urge vomit in your mouth after inhaling all the polluted air and inhaling the shit smelling mystery vapors from open storm drains... if you can resist the urge to shove and kick all the people away in these crowded areas... if you can stand the racket of all the effing jeeps, vendors hawking their wares, various establishments blaring out 'music' to attract attention, and other such sensory nuisances.

Really! Most of Manila is a layer of eyesore on another layer of eyesore and it seems no amount of cleaning up or fixing is going to get rid of all of its fugly features.  

What I want and NEED at this point is something new and shiny in Manila!  Problem is, there isn't anymore free space within the city.

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