Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Because Jim Sarthou Wants to Strangle Impeachment Defense Lawyer Karen Jimeno

Here is a picture of desperation and his name is Jim Sarthou.
With the Impeachment Defense Panel ready to nail the coffin on what most people predict to be an Impeachment Trial that will acquit Chief Justice Corona, a leading member of the Corona Resign (CORE) Facebook Group barely hides his frustration.

The Security of the Philippine Senate best be aware and do everything to prevent anything untoward from happening while the Impeachment Trial is in session.

The Philippine Senate Security better keep a lookout for Mr. Jim Sarthou, the audio engineer and main organizer of the Corona Resign (CORE) Facebook group.  We are sure he may be joking in this picture, but with desperation riding high in the Pnoy backed Corona Resign group, Senate Security better try to prevent anything untoward from happening.
Blogwatch describes the tension between pro-Corona and anti-Corona groups visiting the Senate;
A funny thing happened on the way up to the second floor where the Senate Hall was located. CORE head, Jim Sarthou was climbing the stairs when he met Camille amora of UGAt/Rallyista. She stared him down. If looks could kill, Sarthou would have fallen of the stairs. I couldn’t help but laugh.
Here's the link to the actual picture and facebook group...



If you are having a difficult time figuring out who Jim Sarthou is, here is an excerpt of an article in PCIJ recounting the days of "Hello Garci".

The ‘master’ tape 
AN audio expert presented by Environment Secretary Michael Defensor at a press conference this morning belittled the three-hour “Hello, Garci” tapes that former National Bureau of Investigation deputy director Samuel Ong had bought from T/Sgt Vidal Doble of the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.
Jim Sarthou said the tapes could not be authentic or the master copy because, he pointed out, these contained annotations. 
“He (Sarthou) doesn’t know what he’s talking about,” an ISAFP operative told PCIJ today. 
In the world of local intelligence, the “master tape” is the version that has been purged of “basura (garbage)” or irrelevant information and annotated by the agent who did the wiretapping. 
Conversations that remain in the “master tape” are continuous. “Hindi inii-splice (No splicing is done),” the source said. 
The ISAFP operative said this is the common procedure followed in most agencies engaged in intelligence work, identifying some of these as the Presidential Security Group, National Bureau of Intelligence, the Defense Intelligence Security Group and the Philippine National Police Intelligence Group.
Which is kinda confusing, because in another account, he says the Hello Garci Tape he examined was the real thing!

GazettePhilippines.comSound engineer’s verdict at ‘People’s Court’: ‘Hello Garci’ records are real 
MAKATI CITY (November 24, 2005) - Sound engineer Jaime Sarthou has concluded during the last session of the Citizen’s Congress for Truth and Accountability (CCTA) held at the De La Salle University that the controversial ‘Hello, Garci’ wiretapped recordings are real. 
"I'm sorry, they're real," Sarthou told his audience composed mainly of the militant opposition, implying that Press Secretary and Presidential Spokesperson Ignacio Bunye’s infamous "original tape" is the tampered one. 
"I have an uncle who is a supporter of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (PGMA). That time, he asked me, if it was possible for me to investigate the Garci tapes and prove they were fake. I agreed and took the trouble to analyze the files, but ended up concluding that they weren’t fake," Sarthou explained to the CCTA, describing how he became involved in the study of the Garci tapes. 
"Tito, I'm sorry, they're real," Sarthou ended up saying to his uncle.

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