Sunday, February 26, 2012

Good Times with Mo Twister and the DJ's that were fired reports that the management of radio station Magic 89.9 "clarified reports that Korean TV and radio personality Grace Lee is the reason DJ Angelicopter (Angelika Schmeing-Cruz), the host of their program Good Times, was fired."

The report cited a statement posted on the radio station's official Facebook account, wherein they admitted that Lee and Angelicopter did have "a misunderstanding." However, they emphasized that the latter's "overall performance" was the reason why she was terminated. In their statement, the management explained: "Her attention has been called several times due to internal issues. It was a matter decided after an on going assessment of her overall performance."

The Magic 89.9 management stressed that it didn't favor Lee over Cruz. The report did not ccontain a statement from Angelicopter. It just noted that Lee tweeted about being thankful that her bosses had cleared the air.


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