Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mo Twister has Mo Fun Spying on Fellow DJs and Employees

MO TWISTER bugs Magic 89.9 employees 

The insidious Mo Twister has done it again.

According to a reliable source, higher level employees and some DJ’s of Magic 89.9 have been allegedly bugged by Mo Twister using a spy soft-ware called the Spy Bubble (see ). 

Some of the Magic 89.9 talents and employees have been wondering for a long time how Mo Twister seems to know their every location. One even complained to SMART communication why her on-line bills have sky-rocketed for the past months. 

SMART on their part has already been investigating on the matter. An un-named NBI agent says “he has started investigating on the alleged complaint.” He adds, “most of the employees affected are Blackberry users.” 

According to the grapevine, Mo Twister was tasked to receive several Blackberries for office use which he later distributed to the employees and DJ’s.

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