Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ellen Tordesillas takes a dump on Grace Lee and refuses to apologize

Ellen Tordesillas aka ALIEN TURDESILLAS
can't distinguish between canards
and her marijuana induced paranoia.

Journalist and blogger Alien este Ellen Tordesillas took a big crap on TV host and Celebrity DJ Grace Lee a few days ago, mistakenly saying that Lee said she "sees herself marrying President Benigno Aquino III.

The young, vivacious and charming Lee was understandably offended and embarrassed by Alien TURDesilla's article, venting her hurt feelings on Twitter as soon as she had learned of the story:

In her tweet  @gracelee899, Lee described the article “very false n vile.’ The tweet was posted around 10:30 a.m. Monday. 
In an earlier tweet @gracelee899 also said the article titled “Grace Lee sees herself marrying PNoy” was a “lie.” 
Later in the afternoon, Lee tagged @dziq990 in yet another tweet: “I’m deeply offended that a journalist like Ellen Tordesillas would write an article of lies to sensationalize one’s private life. I have never said anything remotely close to what her write-up says I did.” 
Lee also asked Tordesillas to identify the source “who claims to have spoken to me regarding the PSG issue as this is not to be taken lightly.” 
Lee would follow this with a lighthearted tweet around 3 p.m.: “Ok enough na…. can’t let this affect me the whole day.  natatalo positivity ko! let’s cook! haven’t eaten whole day.”
TURDesillas (translated as SHITTING ON HER SEAT and anyone else's) has so far refused to apologize like a lady and callously insists that she made mo mistake:

Citing interviews conducted by the article's author, Ellen Tordesillas, via phone and text message, VERA Files acknowledged that it was Lee's co-anchor, DJ Suzy, who said that the relationship between the two was headed for the altar. 
"The only points about your article I want to clarify is that I never uttered the words 'altar' or anything that might hint to desiring marriage," Lee told Tordesillas.
VERA Files said Tordesillas got the quotes in her story from Lee's radio show on February 8, Aquino's 52nd birthday. 
"She was listening to the program at the time," VERA Files said.

Other sources however say that scandalous DJ Mo Twister had actually fed TURDesillas the canard and Manang Alien, like the dyornalist she thinks herself to be, printed it without verifying.

Tordesillas uses “quotes” from the completely unreliable DJ Mo Twister to support her article and then misquotes Grace Lee, mistaking a female co-host for the Korean DJ. 
First of all, why would anyone believe what DJ Mo Twister has to say about the subject?
The very nature of the Good Times radio program is non-serious and full of controversy-inducing banter. Twister is known to stir gossip for the sake of garnering ratings and he is not to be considered as a “credible” or “dependable” source. 
Then Tordesillas goes on to say that Grace Lee was offered a retinue of PSGs. This was according to unnamed source – again, where is the credibility here? 
Instead of piecing together a reliable story, Tordesillas’ tabloidal report totally misrepresents Grace Lee and puts her in a negative light. 
Shouldn’t Mo Twister just get Ellen Tordesillas as her co-host?
Thing is Mo Twister or MOHAN GUMATAY in real life and is reportedly also aliases as Prettyjenny55 has been known to upload scandalous videos that he buys from his sources.  Among the many suspected to be his uploads are the sex videos of Maui Taylor and Hayden Kho.

THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME that journalist and blogger Ellen TURDesillas made a grossly erroneous mistake and one that also looks quite malicious.

Sometime in 2009, Ellen went screaming in her blog that Smartmatic-TIM PR Manager Samira Saba was trying to bribe her to write favorable articles for Saba's company which was the supplier of automated election machines for the 2010 elections.

Alien TURDesillas writes in her October 11, 2009 blog entry:

I find the letter insulting. It smacks of bribery. I had to take several deep breaths and reminded myself that I should not write anything when I’m angry. 
Saturday, I replied, asking her “What and where in my articles gave you the idea that my services are for sale?”
As it turns out, Smartmatic's Samira Saba had sent the same letter to other Filipino bloggers she could find on Google and they interpreted the letter as an offer for a 'writing job' or 'content generation job'.

Dona Victorina, a blog that has higher traffic than Manang Alien Turdesilla's blog was also made the same offer by Saba:

Looking back, I actually found Ms. Saba’s request quite flattering, especially since her letter reflects Victorina’s popularity as a platform for political commentary. 
What Saba basically asked from Ellen, myself, and God knows how many other bloggers, was to relate positive experiences about election automation here and abroad. I did not read any suggestions alluding to the use of Victorina as a platform for any propaganda relating to election automation. 
I could not, for the life of me, read anything remotely sinister about her request. So, I find myself asking the same question over and over, is it a bribe or just plain paranoia? 
Or perhaps it was just déjà vu?

If you read the letter from Saba, it says:

If you are interested in adding our organization as a regular client for your freelance writer services, we can define the extent and number of articles you could write monthly. I will be glad to give you more details and answer the questions you may have.
If your answer to the above is positive, then I would appreciate a quotation for your services, with a target of two articles published per month to begin with.

 If Magic 89.9 and VERA Files have any respect for their organization or ethics, they ought to drop these people from their rolls and be done with them.  There's MORE THAN ENOUGH POLLUTION IN THE AIRWAVES.

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